Volcanic Ash Travel Cover

The volcanic ash from Iceland lately caused considerable disruption to people’s departure date.

Lots of people made claims on their own travel cover policies for accommodation they were not able to utilize or these were delayed in their reason for departure or return. They assumed that such claims could be met.

However, if they received instructions saying their claim have been declined, these were furious. Why were insurers declining claims associated with the volcanic ash?

Travel cover policies possess a section that covers claims associated with delay or trip abandonment if there’s a delay of more than 24 hrs – only in a few instances. The first is where you can find adverse climate conditions and lots of insurers required the vista the wind which the ash had been transported wasn’t, by itself, adverse – it had been an ordinary wind. The ash was the effect of a natural event also it was the ash which was stopping travel, and not the wind. When the wind have been gale pressure and avoided aircraft flying, claims under that portion of the policy could have been met.

Because of this stance by insurers, lots of people lost money for travel and accommodation costs which were irrecoverable. This remains the same position being taken by many people insurers.

Can you really obtain cover associated with the volcanic ash? Yes – there’s a couple of insurers who’re covering ash-related claims. However, you’ll want removed an insurance policy before a comment has been created the airport terminal that you’re going to or from continues to be closed or that airspace that you were because of fly was getting a ban enforced onto it.

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